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Volunteer as a mentor

Mentors support participants in a variety of ways including developing strategies for success,  providing access to information and resources,  making connections within the math community, and support with education and career opportunities.  

From basic computation skills to advanced number theory,  we have participants over a broad spectrum of math interests – no matter your level of math skill or education,  we probably have a mentee who needs you.   You’ll never be alone – our extensive mentor community will be available to help develop plans for your mentee and answer any question you may have.   And of course,  it’s not just about the math – having a supportive mentor like you to talk things over with  may just change an incarcerated individual’s life.   

Please fill out the form on this page and we’ll send you further information.  (Be sure to check your SPAM folder for emails from PMP)

Current Volunteer Opportunities for the PMP

Interested parties should send an email to Christopher Havens [email protected]

We are currently seeking to fill one position on a team of two people who can be mutually supportive of our organization’s need to reach a broader public base and help maintain a point of financial sustainability through fundraising and grant writing. This position requires exceptional networking skills and calls for the candidates to be self starting and inventive in developing and collaborating with external stakeholders. We are asking that candidates have previous grant writing experience and a the initiative to implement and carry out strategic fundraising campaigns.

The PMP is currently seeking individuals who have a passion for social media, mathematics and prison reform. We ask that candidates be outgoing and driven, and who are not shy around networking into other organizations and forums for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a presence through social media in the community.

This position requires an artistic touch around the perfect blend of professional and fun. This position comes with a large amount of creative liberty. Some of the responsibilities will include:

* Daily upkeep of social media pages.

* Advertising around the needs of events and fundraising.

* Being active and supportive as a representative of the PMP at functions from other like minded organizations and online communities.

We are looking to form relations and partnerships with outside agencies and organizations. Candidates must be able to build and maintain relationships with businesses, organizations, and various Departments of Corrections in the United States and Canada. This position will require networking through LinkedIn as a PMP representative, as well as other similar platforms. Some duties will include, but are not limited to, meeting and speaking on behalf of the PMP for the purpose of obtaining key partnerships for various resources. Resources may include:

* Textbook and materials for the PMP participants.

* Services that would contribute to the efficacy of our organization.

* Agreements with Dept. of Corrections for the PMP to provide unrestricted services in their institutions, in all States.

* Services for or from other organizations.

We are looking for an individual who can commit to regular maintenance and PMP website development. Volunteer must be experienced in web development (SOE experience is a plus) and implementing programmable solutions when applicable. Programming experience is a must.

This volunteer should feel comfortable with handling tasks in a professional timeframe through delegating certain aspects of a project to our outsourced employees and then coordinating this work until completion.

The time commitment will vary depending events, fundraising, etc..

We seek to find a motivated individual to learn the ins and outs of our secure mailing system, who can then oversee the everyday operations being carried out by our mailing staff. Correspondences are *the* main function of the PMP organization, so it is vital that we maintain a timely handling of both physical and electronic mail from our mentor/participant pairs. Experience using HelpScout and AirTable is a plus, however training will be provided upon start. Duties will include:

* Stepping in to process correspondences when necessary.

* Overseeing the PMP mailing team.

* Maintaining a level of quality in our mailing process.

* Communicating with mentors and participants around mailing issues, needs and requests.

We are seeking one or two creative and strategic minds for developing and implementing a module system for prisoners who would benefit from experiencing a guided trajectory towards their mathematical goals. We envision each module to act as both, a benchmark towards the specific goals of a participant, and a measure for mathematical maturity with respect to the topics contained in some specific set of modules.

This volunteer opportunity is a large project, and so we are looking for educators who can commit to a big picture project, and who are comfortable with building out of the box solutions to problems around the teaching and learning of mathematics in highly restrictive environments.

We are currently seeking a champion for our new NoTech programming system for prisoners, some of which will never use a real computer. Our system is intended to give our participants an added tool that allows for building programmable solutions for their study and exploration of mathematics and computer science. This system is an automated process which simulates a console, using nothing but a prisoner’s limited secure email app. NoTech supports JavaScript and Python, and works similar to a text message, on our participant’s mp4 devices.

Candidates must have experience in programming so that they can convey the details of our system in an educated way when speaking with potential investors and with the Department of Corrections across the US and Canada. The NoTech Project Advocate will be responsible for:

* Advertising NoTech to tech companies and tech related organizations for support in various resources, to include funding for this project.

* Meeting with various Corrections Departments for navigating restrictions around implementing the NoTech system.

If you'd like to volunteer in a capacity other than being a mentor, then please contact us at [email protected]
If volunteering to mentor participants (which involves essentially being a “pen pal” to help a participant in their math learning journey) please do include details about your background in mathematics and to what level of math ability you would feel comfortable mentoring. As next steps, we will send you introduction letters from participants, to try and match you with a mentee.