Prison Math Project

Volunteer / Mentor

Volunteer as a mentor

Mentors support participants in a variety of ways including developing strategies for success,  providing access to information and resources,  making connections within the math community, and support with education and career opportunities.  

From basic computation skills to advanced number theory,  we have participants over a broad spectrum of math interests – no matter your level of math skill or education,  we probably have a mentee who needs you.   You’ll never be alone – our extensive mentor community will be available to help develop plans for your mentee and answer any question you may have.   And of course,  it’s not just about the math – having a supportive mentor like you to talk things over with  may just change an incarcerated individual’s life.   

Please fill out the form on this page and we’ll send you further information.  (Be sure to check your SPAM folder for emails from PMP)

Please supply a permanent email address where you can be reached - avoid using a school or other temporary address

If you'd like to volunteer in a capacity other than being a mentor, then please contact us at [email protected]
If volunteering to mentor participants (which involves essentially being a “pen pal” to help a participant in their math learning journey) please do include details about your background in mathematics and to what level of math ability you would feel comfortable mentoring. As next steps, we will send you introduction letters from participants, to try and match you with a mentee.