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“I have been locked up for 18 years and have never heard of anything remotely like this.”
“Many times I, myself, – and I believe I speak for all self-educated learners in prison – will proceed down a subject of interest not knowing where to begin or what comes next, or if we lack any necessary background education to even understand what we’re studying. Many of us just desire guidance in our studies… someone to point the way.”
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Prison Mathematics Project

In early 2012, a prisoner by the name Christopher Havens began studying mathematics for the very first time within the prison inside of prison. Christopher was in a form of isolation that we call solitary confinement… prisoners know it as “the hole”. Having no other form of stimulation, mathematics occupied every hour of Christopher’s days, lasting the better part of a year until he was released back into the general population. In so many cases, the negative effects of prolonged isolation manifests itself through the behaviors in both the short and the long term. However, this case is one where a mix of isolation and the transformative powers of mathematics caused Christopher to undergo a steady chain of personal growth while igniting within him a passion for mathematics. Please note that the Prison Mathematics Project is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit.


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