Prison Math Project

Future of the PMP

With the outbreak of Covid-19, the Prison Mathematics Project has been indefinitely suspended inside prisons. And it is with our great pleasure to to use this as an opportunity to reach the entire nation in a way we never could.

Our model reproduces the conditions which led the founding member of the PMP onto the path of desistance, and into the mathematical community.
What does this look like? The PMP is a program tailored to prisoners who are already engaged in self studies. When "prisoner A" reaches out to our program with a letter of interest, our mail system places the letter into our website's workspace. At that point, PMP volunteers may view this initial correspondence. A PMP volunteer then pulls prisoner A into their workspace and prepares a response. Once a volunteer pulls a prisoner's initial request into their workspace, they continue working with the same prisoner (a volunteer is not limited to one prisoner). This allows our volunteer to construct a “math packet” centered around the prisoner’s mathematical comfortability. The contents of our math packs are unique to each prisoner and will include a chapter or two from a published math book, practice pages, and tests. The uniqueness of each math packet is very important because no two prisoners will have the exact same expertise in math.
We look forward to expanding the PMP and reducing recidivism. Thank you for your support!